*January 29, 2003*

Finally have made and completed my image gallery.  the direct link to it is http://www.sirkain.net/~sirkain/gallery/kains_album


* June 22, 2002 *

FINALLY, I finished making the KainCon 2001 video clips and put them online.  All 13 clips are in the KainCon section under the Video Clips area.  I'll also make a link from the KainCon 2001 page.

* May 25, 2002 *

I ditched my EZBoard forum, and set one up on my own server using phpBB2.  It should be loads faster and more featured. And NO pop-up ads. :P  Check it out and let me know what you think.

* April 30, 2002 *

I moved to Murfreesboro, TN with J.Kougar. Got a cable modem now so I should be doing more frequent updates to the site if time allows me to. Updated my About Me page this update, showing a pic of me with my new pet cat Gabriel Julie and I found in Illinois as a stray.

* January 11, 2002 *

The sirkain.net server is now co-located in NY so the entire server should be REAL fast.  Canceled my Erols account so that e-mail address no longer works. Contact me at sirkain@sirkain.net from now on.  Hopefully I'll get time soon to add more to the page while I am at NADC.

* December 18, 2001 *

This page will not be updated much for a good while as I am going to a college in Nashville. Read here to learn more.  KainCon 2002 has been CANCELED.


* October 20th, 2001 *

Late on announcing this, but I added my LiveJournal to the main menu of this site.  The URL is http://sirkain.livejournal.com/ .

* August 1st, 2001 *

Added the death of Togepi from my 2001 4th of July party to the misc. video clips section.

Also, for those interested in how KainCon and AnthroCon went or want to know about what is going on in my life recently, check this link out.

* March 27th, 2001 *

The new page is released! Hopefully I fixed all the bugs and typos by now...