Profiles: Sir Kain

(Kain Stahlwarren)




Sir Kain has been around a long time, character wise. I have had Sir Kain as a character in my old AD&D days since 1989 (I retired playing actively around 1995). He has been in many campaigns, with many adventures. Also, he has been in the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom for a couple of years and had his shares of adventures.

His background (excluding the one in the Sonic fandom) is being redone and you can read up on it in a story Digo Raccoon did, and one soon that Jen Aside (my girlfriend) is working on. Digo's story, "Knight Fall", can be gotten here.  Jen Aside's story, "Waterfalls,"  which never got finished (As of 11/12/1999) can be found here. Both (I believe) are in Microsoft Office 95 format.  If you have trouble opening up either one of these, please let me know.


But in general, he is very enigmatic and sexist... And is a bit power-hungry which gets him into many predicaments.  One of the key things about Kain is he is left-handed (most knights fight with their right hand). Ever since he 'borrowed' a sword he found on a treasure hunt with his party (and backstabbed them in the process) which turned out to be a Vorpal Sword, he has been very eager to see what else he can lay his paws on to make him yet more powerful. Where he came from is unknown (yet), as well as any information about his family. Who knows who he will run into next, or what he'll do?

last revised 5/15/2005