Profiles: Kendall the Ringtail



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Kendall the Ringtail is the most popular character I've ever made, it seems. He is a great deal more friendly than Sir Kain is, although very cocky.

What Kendall Likes:

- Being around people. The more that are his friend the better. Likes to go to social events and parties with people he knows.

- Being cocky (Really shows when he gambles or is playing video games)

- Video games (console, arcade, or computer). Especially those he can compete in others with.

- Flirting. Most of the time he will flirt with females, but from time to time he may flirt with a male.

- Smoking. He himself usually sticks to cloves, but cigarettes he will smoke too. Will not smoke around those allergic to it if he's aware of that.

- Alcohol. Especially the hard liquors. Also likes Daiquiris, Madouri Sours, and some wines. Does drink in moderation (with the exception of New Years Eve parties), and only around those who are okay with it.

- Pool. Is fairly good at it but mostly plays for fun or friendly competition. May gamble in this as well if he gets full of himself.

- Trench Coats. He owns and is usually seen wearing his black leather trench coat, but from time to time he'll wear a jacket.

For now this is what I can say for sure Kendall does like. Haven't really thought of much that he doesn't like, besides Fyodor, someone who is in that Time Wrinkle story that allot of my friends are working on making.

Kendall, however, has another side of him which he rarely shows others. A more... colder, darker side that society doesn't really approve of. This fading side of him is being unfolded in the Time Wrinkle story, which is a picture-based story being drawn by a variety of artists and other contributors. If you wish to see how it is coming along, go Here.

Kendall was not one with much wealth, but this quote summarizes what he used to be like: "There are people who want or need, and there are people who have or can get it, and I an the man who get that 'whatever' from one to the other. Even if there are those, who deem it as being, shall we say....against the greater grain of society."

...After meeting the Raccoon Kids and Gene Catlow (Who created the Raccoon Kids), he has cleaned up his act, some.. The rest will be shown in that Time Wrinkle story.

Last revised  5/15/2005