Profiles: Eric

(Formerly EricSkunk)



    Eric is the newest of my three characters, and will probably always be the least developed of them. He's my try at a true personal character, so there is not a whole lot that's special about him... Besides he can pretty much shape change into whatever he cares to look like, since he's a 'toon. ;)

    As mentioned before, Eric is a Shape-shifter.  He can basically morph or shape-shift into any form he chooses.  Some I have made so far is a Popple, skunk, cacomistle/ringtail (both thin and fat), and a black Eevee. Some I am pondering creating down the road is a canine of some sort, a dragon, and whatever else my mind desires to spit out.

   As for his personality  he is pretty much a big goofball most of the time, always enjoying causing mischief (Being able to change to however you wish to look can *really* make pulling pranks fun!)  He also likes to simply hang out and relax (in other words be lazy and sleep all the time), tinker with cars or talk about them (he is a mechanic), mess with computers and computer/video games (though he is no pro at any game), and really enjoys eating.  Since he is a recently diagnosed diabetic, he has learned that he really does enjoy to eat -  as his fat morph will prove.


Last updated 5/15/2005