File Name File Size Date Added Description
BC_and_Kain_Pillowfight2.mpg 3564k 9/6/1999 Another clip from the pillow fights from April. I had a little to drink and after seeing Narc taking on B.C. in a pillow fight I decided to have my try at B.C. Heh, this got rough. ;) (160x120)
BC_and_Narc_Pillowfight2.mpg 3321k 9/6/1999 This happened around April this year... Mike/Fubar wanted to have a party to celebrate his last day at Bob Evans, and this is some of the stuff we did. ;) (160x120)
Bedroom.mpg 2681k 9/6/1999 I took this around October of '98 of my room, where I have up most of my pictures I have had commissioned or requested of my characters.  I knew there were allot of different styles out there, but when you put them all up together, it really does boggle your mind... (320x240)
Belchboy.mpg 779k 9/6/1999 An old clip back when I still had our first punching bag. Chris has been well known for his inhuman war cries and his mass-destruction belches. Here is an example of how loud the guy can belch. (160x120)
Bryan attacks bag and Andrew2.mpg 1471k 9/6/1999 At that get-together in March, Andrew was trying to get us all to try to knock him around while he held the punching bag down.  Bryan went up first, and.. well.. heh, you can see for yourself what happened to poor Andrew. ;) (160x120)
Chris and Bryan pillowfight B.mpg 4208k 9/6/1999 Around the middle of March I had allot of friends over, and Bryan and Chris were wanting to duke it out.. So I hand them my old heavy feather pillows and let them have at it. This is what started the other pillow fights later on. (160x120)
Chris attacks bag and Andrew2.mpg 2050k 9/6/1999 Second try at trying to knock Andrew around while holding down the punching bag.  Chris gives it a whirl and gets him to move some. (160x120)
Chris_and_Kain_Pillowfight2.mpg 5559k 9/6/1999 Another clip from the pillow fights from April. After I took on B.C., Alberto and Chris started to wrestle some, until I interfered. *smirk* As if B.C. wasn't hard enough to try to pillow fight against, I go and get Chris ticked off to pillow fight me. ;) This was pretty wild. (160120)
Eric attacks bag and Andrew2.mpg 1235k 9/6/1999 Third and final try at getting Andrew off that bag.  I only weigh around 115lbs. Andrew weighs more than I, and the bag alone is 80lbs. I tried to dropkick the bag and I end up bouncing back 6-7ft. :P (160x120)
Death_of_Togepi.mpg 3831k 8/1/2001 Ah yes, the death of Togepi... This was quite a show!  If you liked the death of Jiggly puff I did last year, you'll LOVE this!
Death_of_Chao.wmv 5800k 7/8/2003 Not my preferred video format, but this is only temporary.  When I can make this into an MPEG I will.
Grand_Finale2.mpg 2063k 7/6/2003 For the grand finale for the 2003 4th of July party of mine, we shot off 12 mortars at once.  Was quite a display!
Jackie2.mpg 3988k 9/6/1999 A really cool clip from an old Jackie Chan flick - Armor of God. This is one of my all-time favorite flick of Jackie, and this scene was wild!! (160x120)
KainCon2000_Death_of_Jiggly_Puff.mpg 7438k 7/19/2000 From KainCon 2000:  You, you read it right - The death of Jiggly Puff! Blew one up with about 1400 firecrackers (300 or so inside it filling it up)... Was quite a display. Well worth the long download, believe me!  (This is also in the KainCon Video Clips area)
Potato_Gun_1b.mpg 6339k 11/6/2001 Ever seen a Potato Gun before? Check out the one Chris has here (A prototype I believe he said). This thing is insane! e cleared the majority of the woods from my DRIVEWAY.
Potato_Gun_2b.mpg 4025k 11/6/2001 Mike got to my house a little after Chris demonstrated the first shot in the previous Potato Gun clip. He wanted to give it a try, and we set up a target (a QVC cardboard box full of foam peanuts). The results were impressive...
Potato_Gun_3b.mpg 2871k 11/6/2001 OK, apparently that Potato Gun has some mad power behind it when it launches the potato. Let's see how it does against a mid-tower PC case made of sheet metal! Again, impressive results. I would not want that thing fired at my back.
Short_Mortar_Fuse2.mpg 1049k 7/6/2003 One of the mortar shells we had from our kit we used most of its 12" fuse for blowing up Chao earlier that evening for July 4 2003.  What did that leave on the mortar shell? about 2" max... I don't know how B.C. and I did this, but we were able to light it, drop it in the mortar and it launch successfully in under half a second!  We got covered in ash, but details, details...