Hope you find the new web page's look to be better then the old look it used to have.  I've had my home page around in many different forms since early 1996.  Now that I actually have an idea of how to lay out a web page and have enough worthy content on it, it shouldn't suck anymore...
There is quite a variety of things to check out here.  If you like artwork  of cartoon-ish, furry, or anthropomorphic characters then check out my collection of artwork I have had made of my characters in the Art Section.  If you would like to learn more about my characters, you can check out their profiles in the Profiles Section.
If the artwork is not up your alley, you can check out my Video Clips Selection, where I have AVI's MOV's and MPEG's of things from cars to KainCon clips to cartoons plus much more.
I also host a get-together or mini-convention in the summers called KainCon.  If you want to learn more about what it is and when the next one is, check out The KainCon Page link.
In the mood to chat?  Want to meet some of my friends and others that hang around here? If so, the message forum is where to go.
Bored, or wondering who the heck this Eric Goodwin shmuck is? head over to the About Me link, or check out my LiveJournal.  If you wish to reach me, I've posted my e-mail addresses and the like in the Contact link.
Sick of this place? the Links section is where to go then.
Web design was done by my friend, Mike Hancock. Bow down before him, mortals!

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