Kain's Friends

Over the years of being on-line, I have made many, MANY friends.  I'll try to post as many of them as I can that I have or remember, but knowing me I'll forget a few. :P  If you do not see your home page listed on here and would like it to be, e-mail me at sirkain@sirkain.net. Not listed in any significant order.  I also try to comment on every link I have on here, but some may not have one for a while.


Gene Catlow's Web Page  - A real good friend of mine I've known from the furry fandom since mid-1996.  He's also quite a talented artist and has his own comic at http://www.genecatlow.com/ . Good stuff!

Jen Aside -  My girlfriend, whom I love dearly.  She has her own comic, SGP, which is on Keenspace.

Mr. Joshy - The man behind the creation of the sirkain.net server. *bows to The Great One*  Cool guy who also was in Mr. Klesh's computer repair class I took while in high school. He also runs a game clan called PeZ Heads.

Mike Hancock - A local friend I have known since I started high school, and used to play AD&D with back in the day.  He's the guy who did the current design of my home page.

Marcello Rupelli - Another talented artist friend of mine. Way into cars, and is one of the few I know in the furry fandom who has no problem drawing vehicles, and draw them well. He also has his own little business, Lunagen Labs,  where he does custom paint jobs on helmets, computers, motorcycles, and game consoles. Top notch quality.

Terry "Mouse" Sender - I've known him since September of 1995, met him on Furtoonia MUCK when I first found the fandom.  And he's a skilled artist to boot with a cool sense of humor. ;) 

Cirrus Kitfox - A big Michael Jackson fan *hi-5's Cirrus*, and a cool artist as well. His style is covered in sugar cuteness, Heh. Check his stuff out!

Amy Gorman - A very nifty person I met through Side 7.  I asked her for a commission, and we've become friends since then. :)

Erin Middendorf - One heck of an artist!  The skills this girl possesses is insane.

Rubbertex Raccoon - A neat fur I met in the fandom a few months ago.  He's also an artist with a neat style of his own.

Shin Gallon - I met him through Jen Aside when she was going to ETSU.  Really cool guy, and a good artist too.  He's a big Transformers fan.

Alpha Raye - I met her (and some others) over my winter break in 2001 while in Kentucky.  Really neat gal. :)

Bravo Fox - I met him while visiting Loiosh after Thanksgiving in 2001.  Yet another very talented artist, and having a cool personality to match.  I have him to thank for introducing me to that insane game for the PSX, Incredible Crisis.

Dogz - I haven't had the honor to meet him personally yet, but he's a very nice and talented friend of mine.  He also possesses a great talent in art.

Uncle Kage - A very cool and charismatic individual.  He's the main guy of AnthroCon, and is a wonderful person at telling stories (true stories at that).  If you haven't had the pleasure of hearing one of his story hours at a con, you're really missing out.

David Hopkins - Someone I have great respect of.  He's one of the few I have met who isn't afraid to draw violent and graphic artwork.  His comic Jack has quite a following to it.  If you got a weak stomach, I'd not see his comic. I warned ya.

Noogy - *bows down to him* An amazing individual.  This is someone who definitely has found his talents and has made them razor sharp.  The artwork this guy produces is incredible. Animations too!  If any of you have ever played Jazz Jackrabbit 2, he's the guy behind the intro and ending animations to the game.

Scotty Arsenault - The creator of Heebas, and Sully & Minkle.  Also helps maintain Yerf.

Bad Karma - I met Bad Karma back in 1993 through his Side 7 BBS he had.  He was one of the first to introduce me to the world of Anime, and he's the founder of the Side 7 art archive.

Furrball - Bad Karma's wife, who also helps Bad Karma run Side 7.  Thanks to her I have seen why there's a cult following for the Monte Carlo SS since she owns one.  ;)

Jessica Willard - One of the first furs I ever met in the furry fandom back in 1995.  She's done a handful of commissions for me that I still keep up in my room.  Wish I was able to chat with her often again.  Maybe someday down the road...

More to come later on when I get time.

Last updated: 2/08/2002