Man.. So much to talk about, yet not sure what to say. Donít you hate that?


I guess lets start with KainCon 2001.This KainCon was the first in MANY years that was relatively stress-free for me, and seemed to be one hell of a hit.I havenít had KainCon be this stress-free since the first.I guess having rules and guidelines really helped on that.My birthday (which was on the 22nd of July) was awesome, and I received many wonderful giftsÖ I donít know if people got photos of everything I got but if I can I will post up what all I got.I guess the only thing at KainCon I wasnít prepared for, was how quickly the food vanished at OíTools at my party! o.O How long did the 10lbs of buffalo wings and 4lbs of cheese sticks last? 20 minutes or so? SO much for that lasting us 3 hours.When I get the time, I will make quite a handful of clips from KainCon and AnthroCon to put up on my home page here.


As for AnthroCon, I really did like the new hotel it was located in this year (the Adams Mark).Quite a step up from last yearís hotel.I just wish I were able to stay longer than I was there for (had to leave Saturday night to get Gene Catlow back to the airport Sunday morning).Minus the flat tire on the way up and the surprise on my hotel bill, I really did enjoy my time there. J Got to meet some people for the first time (Loiosh, Dogz, Lysozyme, Ocicat, Iron Raptor, many more), and got to meet some old friends (Ginger/Jessica Willard, Sully, Jessie-Roo, etc.)Ö I also got to finally see Uncle Kageís Story Hour, and got to meet him personally for a few minutes afterwards.Quite an impressive man he isÖ I donít know how anyone can keep the charisma he has with handling a Con with over 1400 furs there and it not do him in.


Now, onto what is happening with meÖ


Some of you know this, most of you probably donít but I am one class away from finishing my associates for computer networks Ė which was the last thing I had to do to let Jen Aside (my girlfriend for those of you who do not know) move in here with me in my parents house.Her part of the bargain my parents and her parents made were for her to get a job lined up here.As of now she hasnít found a job yet, and I learned on Sunday that I failed the last class I have to go for the degree (Visual Basic).My parents do not know of this yet (I am waiting until Jen Aside and Shin Gallon have left to go home before ground zero hits, as this is my mess)ÖBut I will tell them later on after the two have gotten back to their homes.


What does this mean?Well besides me being a wreck for now, Julie canít move in this way even if she had a job lined up. Iím not sure what exactly is in store for us living together-wise down the road. Guess itís a wait and see thing on if my parents will still allow her to move in here down the road, or if we got to find our own place.


I also need to get a job, and soon.But I need to first work on my resume(s)Ö I doubt my parents will want to hear this, but I am getting to be pretty sick and tired of the computer scene, job wise.I just donít feel like I am up to par to make any real progress in that field, and my motivation to want to learn more about networks or wanting to ever handle WANs is pretty weak.I have always had a love and passion for cars, but when college came up back in 1997 I was told by my parents and others that computers is the way to go, cars didnít make the moneyÖ Of course NOW, at the very end of my associates, I am learning that for me money isnít the key thingÖ Itís nice, but if I hate or donít like the career where the money is whatís the point? Iíll be miserable.The frustrating part is I learned from Ron (B.Cís step dad) that you could make a decent amount of money over time in the auto industry. Just need the skills and the dedication to the job.If I knew of this before I started my degree in networking Iíd of done it in auto mechanics. :P (*!&@$(*&!Ö.


I donít know which way I am going to take, between computers or cars for this next job.I may have a nearly completed degree in networking, but I donít feel like I know much about themÖ I have messed with cars on and off for 13 years now, but I got no papers to prove I know about cars.I need to do some research on the two fields with some friends and see what jobs in both careers are around, and what they offer.August is going to be a hellish, busy month for me.If you donít see or hear from me much, donít take it personally.. I need to get my ass in gear and figure out which direction in life I want to go, and get going.I want to get Jen Aside out of Tennessee and here with me as soon as possible for the both of us.There is nothing for her there really.That alone is pushing me to not give up and keep on goingÖ


And as far as my local LAN parties go I used to do each month, for now I am putting those on hold until things start to sort out.I donít know how my parents are going to be with me after I break the news to them.


If you want to talk with me any, drop me an e-mail at (I can check that anywhere), or leave me a voicemail at 703-234-3950 x8320Ö


When I find out more of what is going to go on with me, I do plan to make a mailing list for those who care to hear whatís going on in my life from time to time.If youíre interested, let me know, and what e-mail address you want me to have the updates sent to.


This is going to be one of those times I REALLY need my friends.†† Mostly to lean on and get advice from and keep my head on straight.


And I hate to say this.. But I doubt I will be doing a KainCon next year in 2002.It isnít set in stone I will not do one, but I got 2 factors saying no: my parents, if they feel that I havenít earned the privilege to have it hosted here at their house, and myselfÖ With all these changes hitting real soon, and the unknown on when and how Julie will move this way, I want to have as few things to worry about or have on my shoulders as possible for a while.I WILL do what I can to make it to AnthroCon still next year though.Iíll make a KC2002 page as a central place to keep people updated on if it will or will not happen.Believe me, I do not intend KainCon2001 to be the last one to happen.But my main priority for now is myself and getting my life together.


Until next timeÖ Thanks for reading this far.