File Name File Size Date Added Description
KainCon2000_ADND.mpg 6051k 7/19/2000 From KainCon 2000:  Not much footage this time around, but I did get a chunk of the AD&D campaign and most of those that attended.
KainCon2000_Aftermath.mpg 5568k 7/19/2000 From KainCon 2000: This was around 7:30 in the morning, the day most of us were heading out to drive up to AnthroCon 2000.  You can see how few are still awake (barely) and how many have crashed. ;)  Terry "Mouse" Sender adds in a few comments.
KainCon2000_Death_of_Jiggly_Puff.mpg 7438k 7/19/2000 From KainCon 2000:  You, you read it right - The death of Jiggly Puff! Blew one up with about 1400 firecrackers (300 or so inside it filling it up)... Was quite a display. Well worth the long download, believe me!  (This is also in the Misc. Video Clips area)
KC3.mpg 3784k 9/6/1999 A 3 minute clip from KainCon 3/KainCon '98. it's a bit blurry but it's the best I can do without having this clip be 7-11 megs big. This is of most that came to KainCon 3 that year. (160x120)
KC4_01B.mpg 5166k 9/15/1999 Clip from KainCon '99... Kevin J Dog (and I) are shown in this clip, me giving the camera dog the camera so he can take footage of what all was going on at KainCon. (160x120)
KC4_02B.mpg 3489k 9/15/1999 Another clip from KainCon '99. This was taken during a Half-Life death-match tournament, with MetalFox (not shown), Marcello Rupelli, the Warskunk, Obsidian, Fubar, and Raven all going at it. (160x120)
KC4_03B.mpg 7324k 9/15/1999 A big clip from KainCon '99... We get to see allot of the artists that came to KainCon in this clip, along with Terry "Mouse" Sender getting flashed by Tet's camera. ;). (160x120)
KC4_04B.mpg 6895k 9/15/1999 In this clip from KainCon '99 we get to see B.C. (Non-Fur) at my computer, MetalFox and Narc playing Tekken3, Kiken, and Casey "Tails" Yates. (160x120)
KC4_05B.mpg 4823k 7/19/2000 From KainCon '99:  We get to see Hysteria/Jen aside in this one, and her nifty hat she brought.  Prismo also appears in this one.
KC4_06B.mpg 1358k 7/19/2000 From KainCon '99:  Casey "Tails" Yates says he can't draw.. *coughBullShit!cough*  Look at his stuff on Side 7 and see what this guy can really do...
KC4_07B.mpg 6037k 7/19/2000 From KainCon '99:  Get to see my Non-Fur friends (Mike, Bryan, Alberto) all hiding inthe corner, some raccoon football going on as well. o.O
KC4_08B.mpg 2272k 7/19/2000 From KainCon '99:  Hysteria/Jen Aside decides to take over the camcorder and get some footage of Daniel Harris and Digo.
KC4_09B.mpg 3228k 7/19/2000 From KainCon '99: Allot of people in this one:  Gandee, Raven, Jaguarundi, Arynthia/Insomnia, Plaguefox, and Prismo... And *shudder* Rainbow Brite being played in the background.
KC4_10B.mpg 661k 7/19/2000 From KainCon '99:  Plaguefox doing... something.? o.O Just being a goofball I guess, heh.
kc2002_01b.mpg 1990k 6/22/2002 Finally, clips from KainCon 2001. Here we have Exactly playing DDR2 on the PS2.  Check out his mad skillz. :P
kc2002_02b.mpg 1760k 6/22/2002 We get to see Ashura, Tailsfawx, and Landon (in the background). Ashura shows off the box of prizes he let us use for some contests we had at KainCon 2001.
kc2002_03b.mpg 6950k 6/22/2002 Quite a few in this shot: Sitting at or aaround the main entertainment system was Shin Gallon, C.P., Stingray, Ashura and Kiken.  Went to the computer area after that to see the 20+ computers hooked up, saw Gene Catlow, did tech support for Metalfox, Marcello Rupelli and his Toyota Red PC of badass-ness, and his brother Grant's homemade water-cooled computer.
kc2002_04b.mpg 3590k 6/22/2002 Digo Raccoon being the camera guy for a while, I finally get to be put on camera while we check out the rest of KainCon.  We came across Landon and Prismo playing Super Smash Bros., Zack and Jen Aside in the background watching, Exactly coming down the stairs getting in the spotlight.
kc2002_05b.mpg 3540k 6/22/2002 Heh, this is one of the best from KainCon 2001 in my opinion - Digo sneaking up with the camera behind Tailsfawx spooking him out, shortly after we get to see the defeat of Shin Gallon for the 3rd time by C.P. in Street Fighter 3rd Strike, followed by some hilarious comments from Tailsfawx.
kc2002_06b.mpg 8251k 6/22/2002 Here you get to see B.C., Stingray,  Metalfox, Gene Catlow, Bad Karma (organizing an Infiltration LAN Party), Grant, Marcello Rupelli, Cl0secall,  Mike Hancock and his brother Bryan Hancock all in the computer area of KainCon... Reminds me of some kind of bat cave, heh.
kc2002_07b.mpg 3635k 6/22/2002 Here is Prismo and Landon playing Super Smash Bros. again, with Exactly and Terry 'Mouse' Sender watching until Digo came by with the camcorder. Heh, I guess Terry didn't like us harassing him on camera since he took out Digo.  Also get to see the prizes we had for KainCon 2001's LAN party tournaments. 
kc2002_08b.mpg 3529k 6/22/2002 Here we have Tailsfawx, Terry and Digo (I guess Kiken has the camcorder?), with Tailsfawx making... interesting faces at the camera.  Also get to see some of Tailsfawx's cool artwork, and me over at my computer.
kc2002_09b.mpg 4849k 6/22/2002 We get to see Terry Sender work on one of his pictures here, as well as Metalfox and Prismo and Rassah at the entertainment system, playing Gauntlet Legends I believe.  And yet another walk through the computer area of KainCon.
kc2002_10b.mpg 8497k 6/22/2002 Couldn't be a Con or a LAN party with out a huge amount of pizza eh? Here we got  Gene Catlow,  Seg (wearing Jen Aside's crazy hat), Exactly, me (Kain),  Metalfox, Zack and Terry all talking about taking pictures of pizza (and of course eating it).  Also we get to see most of the AD&D crew, and Exactly botching big time on talking about his character, Heh. ;)
kc2002_11b.mpg 2405k 6/22/2002 Yet more Super Smash Bros. madness.  This time we have Landon, Exactly, Prismo and Metalfox playing.
kc2002_12b.mpg 3517k 6/22/2002 Gene Catlow heads to the fridge to get a diet soda (you can see the pile of compacted soda boxes and pizza boxes stacked almost to his height in the background), and up at the entertainment system we get to see Shin Gallon, John and Tailsfawx sitting at the couch watching a Street Fighter tournament of some sort that Tailsfawx had on tape, with WarSkunk in the background watching (or staring?)
kc2002_13b.mpg 1163k 6/22/2002 And the final run through of the computer area of KainCon, with Digo at the camera.
Never_Ends2.mpg 3214k 9/6/1999 This was from the Aftermath part of Kain Con '99.. KainCon '99 was known for retro 80's games and shows, and paying the Atari 7800 was quite a hit. ;) While Jason-Roo and Mouse/Terry Sender were playing Robotron 2084, Digo started that "This is the song that never ends.." thing.. :P I'm surprised I didn't drop the camera. (160x120)
SoulBlade-Kain_vs_Bad_Karma.mpg 7004k 9/6/1999 This was from the Soul Blade tournament at KainCon 3. it was down to the top3 remaining in the tournament to see who would get 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place. This battle was me as Sigfried vs. Bad Karma as Takki. This has to be one of the most wildest fights I have ever had in that game, and we had a crowd of 15 behind us cheering us on. Talk about a rush! (240x180)