KainCon: What started it all and what it is about.





What started KainCon? Back in 1996, I started to meet a lot of good friends in the furry fandom from the Mucks or from having commissions made. I decided to hold a little get-together at my house and get to meet a few of them who could make it. People decided to call it KainCon, and that name seem to stay.

The kind of stuff we mainly do at KainCon is hold most of our activities here at my parent's house in the basement.  There is a lot that goes on at KainCon. like drawing, computer games (I have the house networked with Ethernet), video games (Like tournaments in Tekken or SoulBlade games and related), a trip to Washington D.C., AD&D campaigns, etc... It isn't as eventful as a true convention, but a lot who were here before from previous KainCon's seemed to like that. It gave them time to meet friends they know online, or new friends and get to know them better.  It's a much more personal environment.  Also to hopefully clean up any confusion, KainCon isn't only for furs to come to. Non-furs are welcome here too (not all my friends are into the furry stuff).

And each KainCon seems to grow by a huge amount! The first KainCon in 1996 had about 8-10 overall show up, KainCon2 in 1997 had 17 show up on and off, and KainCon3 in 1998 had over 20 show up, 15 here at a time on the average! And 16 computers! KainCon4 in 1999 was just as wild, and was the first KainCon to have an AD&D campaign happen in it and over 20 computers here.  

In the past, I used to only host one KainCon a year.  After returning home from going to Nashville Auto-Diesel College, I have decided to try hosting 2 a year.  One in May, the other in November.  If this works out well (and my parents don't mind), I'll keep hosting two a year.


There isn't much else I can think of to explain what we do here. it is pretty relaxed for events, and fairly flexible for others to do their own thing if they wish. All I ask is to watch the 'yiffy' kind of stuff around others.. I have a few friends who are homophobic, and I have to try to keep everyone happy. *shrug* So far I've had no problems with this rule. If you have anymore questions about KainCon, send me an e-mail.

last revised 5/12/2003