KainCon 2004 - Part 2




Dates: November 5th through November 7th. (Friday-Sunday)

Fee: 10.00$ US  


*NOTE*  I have 3 cats here, and one bird. If you're allergic to pets, you may want to bring medication.

Rules, Guidelines and Procedures: The Rules and Guidelines for KainCon.  Please read this!

Message Board: Have a question, comment or complaint about the Con?  Check the message board out.  I plan to do most of my announcements and discussions here.

News and Updates: Where I put information on updates to this page, and about KC2004 itself.

KainCon Mailing List: e-mail me if you wish to join it.  I use this to post major site changes and announcements.

Schedule of Events: Information on what events are planned for KainCon 2004.

Who is attending?: A list of who plans to attend KainCon 2004, part 2.

Airports: URL links to the three nearby Airports.

Hotel Information: The official hotel for KainCon now, is Extended StayAmerica Efficiency Studios located in Fairfax VA near Fair Oaks Mall.  Click on the link to find out more about the hotel. Can reserve on-line too.

Flight Information: Shows who arrives when to which airport, and when they fly  home.

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