File Name File Size Date Added Description
Apple_Jacks2.mpg 1160k 8/3/2001 An old Apple Jacks commercial from the early 1980's (cant read the text at the end. too blurry). (160x120)
Cadbury2.mpg 1150k 8/3/2001 Old Cadbury commercial from 1982... I think the girl at the end is getting a little too much into that chocolate. (160x120)
Car_Commercial2.mpg 1160k 8/3/2001 A car commercial from the early 1980's.. The prices on the cars are a trip compared to what people sell cars for now of days, heh. (160x120)
Cartoon_Network1b.mpg 2640k 9/5/1999 A commercial from Cartoon network I thought was pretty funny. A bunch of old (ancient?) Hanna Barbara superheroes at the movies. :) (160x120)
Cartoon_Network2b.mpg 3058k 9/5/1999 Another commercial from Cartoon Network.  This one is one of the funniest I've seen them do yet! ;) it's of Fred Flintstone and the chicken from Cow & Chicken and some other Hanna Barbara superhero trying to find a parking place. (160x120)
Corn_Flakes2.mpg 1150k 8/3/2001 Another one from 1980... Sad thing is I remember most of these. (Yes I am old) (160x120)
Frosted_Mini_Wheats2.mpg 1140k 8/3/2001 I THINK it says its from 1982..  (Was blurry).  I know the red box has been around for years, but when the heck did Apple Frosted Mini Wheats exist?? I never saw those. (160x120)
Fruit_Loops2.mpg 1140k 8/3/2001 I guess this one was from 1980 (Yet another that was blurry for the date).  Wow, back when they only had three flavors in the cereal. How many are they up to now, 5? 6? 20,000? (160x120)
Keebler_Rich_N_Chips2.mpg 1170k 8/3/2001 I guess this one wa son in the early 1980's... Didn't see a date. But I do remember these chips. Whatever happened to these? These were GOOD. (as well as Swirly Q's.. Bet nobody remembers those!) (160x120)
kitkat2.mpg 1476k 9/5/1999 An oldie from the early or mid-80's... Real old Kit Kat commercial. (160x120)
McDonalds_a2.mpg 2330k 8/3/2001 This one just SCREAMS the 80's... ;) Music, people's clothing and all. Remember back when they had the Styrofoam containers and the white bags? (160x120)
Mounds_Almond_Joy2.mpg 1160k 8/3/2001 Can't read the year on this one.. Another early 80's one.  They sure don't make commercials like they used to, do they? Back when they had maybe 2 commercials in between the show instead of 5+. (160x120)
Nestle_Crunch2.mpeg 1160k 8/3/2001 From 1981! Tap-dancing... Does that even exist anymore? (160x120).
Nestle_Quik2.mpg 1150k 8/3/2001 From 1980.  I still cant believe that the guy who did the Quik Bunny's voice in this still sounds the same, 21 years from then! (160x120)
Paas2.mpg 1180k 8/3/2001 Paas... Something I think that has existed since the beginning of time it seems.. When the heck did they first come around? (160x120)
pb_and_rtm2.mpg 782k 8/3/2001 Private Benjamin and Report to Murphy..? Don't remember these... (160x120)
Reeses_Peanut_Butter_cups2.mpg 1210k 8/3/2001 Hehe, this is one of my favorites from the 80's.. This one was from 1981.  ;) (160x120)
Rice_Krispies2.mpg 1160k 8/3/2001 from 1981 I believe.. Back when commercials tried to have a little story in them. (160x120).
York_Peppermint_Patty2.mpg 1180k 8/3/2001 Not sure when in the 80's this was on the air, but I remember it.  The girl talking in the second half of the clip is a trip. ;) (Jive rocks!) (160x120)