File Name File Size Date Added Description
fat_albert.mpg 1716k 8/25/1999 An old clip from a Fat Albert episode. Sorry for the blurryness, but the tape died after I caputred this. :/ (160x120)
get_along_gang.mpg 1773k 8/25/1999 Intro. to The Get-Along Gang! (160x120)
lw_tran2.mpg 895k 8/25/1999 An intro. to the old Transformers cartoon. I believe this one was after the movie came out. (160x120)
pole_position.mpg 1980k 8/25/1999 Intro to Pole Position... Haven't seen that show in years. (160x120)
transformers_the_movie_clip.mpg 2685k 8/25/1999 A clip from Transformers: The Movie. (They killed Ironhide! You BASTARDS!!) (160x120)
wuzzles.mpg 1762k 8/25/1999 Wow, an old Disney original (to my knowledge) - Wuzzles. (160x120)