Driving/Riding situation for KainCon


There will be a list of scheduled drivers posted in the basement where KainCon will be held.Iíll have a whiteboard or chalkboard put up near where the fireplace is.


So far, on how much itíll cost each person per ride is around 25 cents each mile.This is of course up to the driverís discretion if they choose to enforce that or not.This is to help pay the drivers for the gas they use up, and the time they have to spend away from the con.


As far as knowing who will be available for driving people around, I plan to ask everyone who has a vehicle at KainCon if they will A. be available at all the next day to be able to drive people around, B. if they can, when do they plan to come for the day and have to leave, and C. how many will they want to drive around max per drive.Once I get all that information I will post it on the whiteboard.Iíll repeat that process each night until KainCon is over.


††††††††††† Some may even be willing to let others drive their vehicle if the need arises.I will put their names up (if any) on the whiteboard as well, but it will be up to the owner of the vehicle who they do and do not let drive it. That is something I will not interfere with.




When KainCon officially starts and ends, and how the events will work:


KainCon will officially begin at 2:00p.m. and officially end at 2:00a.m. starting on the 21st of July through the 25th.This does not mean nobody can come here before 2:00p.m. and that everyone has to leave exactly at 2:00.What this does mean is to not expect me to be up until around 2:00 if you try to come early, and to please try to prepare to head back to your hotel rooms an hour or so after 2:00a.m. (so that my parents can get some rest and quiet).If a lot wish to stay and chat after 2:00, I myself donít mind as long as we keep it down.


As far as scheduled events go, they will start when they were posted to start at. (A list of scheduled events is posted on the KainCon2001 page). For example if we have an AD&D or Stellar Chaos game planned to start at 8p.m., it will start with or without you at 8p.m.So try to keep an eye on the time if you are participating in a few events.I would also like all the PC and console gaming events to end at 2:00a.mÖ I will try my best to give 15, 10, and 5-minute warnings on when the Con is about to officially end for the night.



Answering the phone:


There will be times Iíll be gone or not available, and the phone will ring (sometimes it seems like it never ends)ÖIf you hear the phone ring, here are some steps on how to answer it:


  1. Say ďEricís BasementĒ when you answer.
  2. If it is someone who has to talk to me (And Iím not around), take a message (Iíll try to leave a notepad by the phone and a pencil)

†††††††††† Hopefully that makes sense to everyone and works out.

Food situation


There are PLENTY of places to eat at around my house.(Allot more than I realized as I did a search for whatís near me).Though not many places deliver to my house, there are allot of places we can drive to that are within 3-6 miles from KainCon.Iíll first list the places I am aware of that deliver to my house, then list the names and addresses of places we can drive to eat at.



Places that Deliver:


Dominoís Pizza:


Hours of Operation: 11:00a.m.-Midnight

Phone #: 703-352-0990



Papa Johnís:


Hours of Operation:?-? (Need to find out)


Phone #: (703) 591-6800


Pizza Hut:


Hours of Operation: 11:00a.m.(?)-Midnight (need to find out)


Phone #: (703)-385-4440



Vocelli Pizza:


Hours of Operation: ?-?


Phone: (703)-426-1600



Places to go eat at


Most are not 24 hours, though a few are.All of these can be found via MapQuest.


Anitaís (Mexican Food) in Fairfax:


Hours of Operation: ? (Need to find out)




10880 Lee Highway

Fairfax, VA 22030-4312



Anitaís (Mexican Food) in Chantilly:


Hours of Operation: ?-10p.m.




13921 Lee Jackson Highway

Chantilly, VA 20151-2901


Armandís Chicago Pizzaria:


Hours of Operation: ?




111 King Street

ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314-3207




Boston Market in Jermantown Plaza:




4090 Jermantown Road

Fairfax, VA 22030



Brionís Grille in University Mall: (Expensive, but good food)




Take a RIGHT onto Braddock Road.

At Stop Light, go STRAIGHT.

After passing through intersection, hang a right into University Mall. Brionís Grille will be on your left past the Blockbuster.





Burger King in Fair Lakes:




13040 Fair Lakes Center

Fairfax, VA 22033



Burger King off of Lee Highway (Rte 29):




10885 Lee Highway

Fairfax, VA 22030


MapQuest can be confusing on this one, so I will do these directions:


Take a left onto Braddock Road.


At the stoplight, hang a right onto Shirley Gate Road.


When you come up to a stoplight, hang a right onto Lee Highway (Rte. 29).


* When you get to a star intersection, STAY STRAIGHT (It should say its going towards Rte 29 and Rte 50 combined). *


Keep an eye out on your right for the next mile or so for Burger King. Should be near a McDonalds and a Palís I think.



Copelandís of New Orleans in Centerville:

Hours of Operation: ?




13810 Ebraddock Road

Centerville, VA 20120


Cracker Barrel in Manassas:




10801 Battleview Parkway
Manassas, VA 20109-2349


Phone #: (703) 369-4641


Jerryís Subs & Pizza in Chantilly (Sully Plaza):




13958 Lee Jackson Highway

Chantilly, VA 20151-3202



Taco Bell in Fair Lakes:


Hours of Operation: Sun-Wed 10:00a.m.-11:00p.m., Thurs-Sat 10:00a.m.-midnight.









Taco Bell in Burke Plaza:





BURKE, VA 22015



McDonaldís in University Mall:





FAIRFAX, VA 22032-2202



McDonaldís at Jermantown Plaza:







Wendyís at Jermantown Plaza:




4000 Jermantown Road. (Next door to McDonalds)

Fairfax, VA 22030


Wendyís at Fair Lakes:




13030 Fair Lakes Center

Fairfax, VA 22033



There are some more places left I have not put in, but I will add those when I get the time.We also have a couple 24-hour grocery stores near me (Giant and Wal-Mart). Iíll post those as well when I get their addresses.





(notes to myself)


  1. Give yourself "working" hours for when you're available to con-goers for "official" con stuff.


  1. Get a couple of people who are official authoritative people, who can answer questions in your absence.



* - For the LAN setup, make sure there are 1-2 ports left/dedicated to laptops to use (Perhaps a drop or two at the couch by the pool table?)