Events for KainCon 2004 - Part 2

As far as what I have to offer here that I own, is an 8' pool table (which was possible thanks to Brian Crisp!), which has 1/2" slate with black somonas (sp?), a dart board, a bumper pool table (the rectangle shaped type, not the octagonal type), and able to convert the pool table into a tennis table or a good huge table to eat on or play AD&D on.  I also own a PlayStation, PlayStation 2, DreamCast, DVD player (in my computer, 10X), an entertainment system, 2 VHS's to be able to dub tapes with, and a High-8mm Camcorder we can use to record whatever is going on at the Con.  I have a 2nd and 3rd television available again for us to use for either another video console, a VHS, or whatever.

I also have a LAN set up here, with a 24 port switch.  I have enough room to host space for roughly 12-14 computers fairly easily, but can push up to about 18 if we have to.  If we go past 12 computers, I may need to borrow a table and some chairs if possible. also have a wireless access point.

Last updated: August 24, 2004

Schedule: A Microsoft Excel generated schedule of what was to happen when at KainCon, including the AD&D Campaign (if there is one).

AD&D Campaign: So far I don't have any info on if there will be an AD&D campaign this year.  Depends on if Digo can make it.  I have a list of books I own posted here.

We used to in the past take a trip to Washington, D.C. and see the sites.  Last few years most decided they rather stay at the Con and do stuff there. It's fine by me we we don't go to D.C., but if there are people who *do* want to go there, I will try to schedule it into the Con so we can go.

Computers for KainCon: List of computers that will be at KainCon 2004 Part 2.

* Bringing a computer or two to KainCon? If so, you MUST fill out this form and e-mail me to let me know ASAP.  I have limited space to host computers, so I need to know how many to expect. Otherwise you risk not having any spot to set your computer up! *

List of Computer games: a  list of computer games people have played here in the past that were worthy of multi-playing. (OLD) 

* Interested in having a scheduled tournament of any of the listed games? If so, please go here and e-mail me your votes for the PC tournaments. *

List of Console Games: lists of console games that will be available for tournaments at KainCon 2004 Part 2.