Who is Attending?
If you are not on this list of who is attending and would like to be, please let me know!
Name/Alias Coming to KainCon?
Sir Kain/Kendall/Eric Hosting It! (Duh!)
Basil Yes
Beigh Yes
Calikat Hopes To
Canus Lupus Hopes To
Casey "Tails" Yates Yes
Chillymouse Yes
Creature Yes
Fangwolf Hopes To
Gangrels Progency Yes
Gene Catlow Yes
Gushi Yes
Jen Aside Yes
Jessie-Tiger / Electric Keet Hopes To
KevDaFox Hopes To
Kiken Yes
Kristy Hopes To
Landon Foxx Yes
Lonewolf Yes
Metalfox Yes
Miria Yes
Miya Hopes To
Pim/Cherri Yes
Procy Racoon Yes
Rajah Hopes To
Shin Gallon Yes
Solaris Hopes To
Stahi Yes
Stingray Yes
Terrulen Yes
Tet Solfire Hopes To
ToraCub Yes
How Many Plan to Attend: 32
Updated: October 29, 2004