Airport Links and Locations


These are the URL's to the three airports that are around me. I thought they would come in handy for those still needing to buy tickets or get information on getting a rental car/minivan. I'll put the airports in order of closest distance wise to me to furthest.


Washington Dulles International Airport - Closest to my home, and finding parking isn't too difficult. Roughly a 25-30 minute drive there.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - Out of all the airports, I prefer to pick people up here, since they have the Metro (Our subway system) that goes right to it. No traffic to worry about. I think it was about 45-60 minutes to get there, about the same time to get back. Metro tickets are between $2.10 and $3.10 depending on when you take the Metro in the day.

BWI Airport - Furthest away from me, but still manageable. About 1.5 hour drive there, 1.5 hours back. May be more if traffic on I95 is heavy.

*NOTE!* If you are going to fly in from BWI, prepare to spend some cash on taking a train from BWI to Union Station, and from there take the Metro (our subway system) to the Vienna metro stop that's closest to my house.  The drives to BWI and back on top of the rest of the driving I do for KainCon (plus being at the Con itself) is too much for me anymore apparently, as last year it took a major toll on my body.  I believe when I had to take the train to Union Station in the past, it was around 20$ for a ticket.  The metro is between $2.10 to $3.10 I think, depending on when you take it.

Don't try taking a Taxi from there to here.. its nearly 80$. :P Not worth it in my opinion.


As soon as you get tickets and know the dates and times of the arrivals and departures, PLEASE let me know. it'll help me figure out who I have to pick up where and when, and see if I need extra help to pick others up.